Mixx Magnetic Arm Windshield

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Mixx Magnetic Arm Windshield - MIXX

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  1. UNIVERSAL MOUNT - Suitable for all smartphones. The 6 strong magnets used in the magnetic pad hold even the larger and heavier 'plus' smartphone models.
  2. LONG ARM - Extendable long arm of up to 21cm. Perfect for people carriers, vans and other vehicles with an out of reach windshield.
  3. STRONG SUCTION MOUNT - It has a strong suction mount that is convenient and simple to attach to your windshield.
  4. SIMPLE TO USE - Simply and instantly attach or remove your phone in a second.
  5. MULTIPLE VIEW ANGLES - Gives you the flexibility to adjust and tilt the phone screen view. Can be used either portrait or landscape.

MIXX IN-CAR introduces the Magnetic long arm windshield mount - Perfect for people carriers and out of reach windscreens. Strong and robust with six powerful heavy duty magnets within the casing and an arm that extends up to 21 centimetres. Simply place your phone on the magnetic pad and get going in seconds, can even be used with a case. With an adjustable viewing angle, the phone screen can be positioned so it's easier to view navigation instructions while driving. FEATURES Strong and secure magnetic hold with 6 powerful magnets Extendable arm for out of reach windscreens

Suitable for any phone Discreet and contemporary in any car Switch between using portrait or landscape, perfect when viewing navigation instructions 30 degree adjustable viewing angle in any direction Works with a phone case SIX POWERFUL HEAVY DUTY MAGNETS A super strong magnetic hold that securely keeps your phone in place. Compatible with Apple and Android phones and supports all models, including the bigger sizes and heavier phones. USE PORTRAIT OR LANDSCAPE Suitable for all mobile phones. Can be used either portrait or landscape for navigation. View your phone screen safely and hands-free.

EXTENDABLE UP TO 21 CENTIMETRES Simply pull to extend the arm, bringing the phone screen closer and making it easier to view navigation instructions. Perfect for windscreens that are out of reach. SUPER STRONG MAGNETIC HOLD, EVEN ON THE BUMPIEST OF RIDES Perfect for people carriers, commercial vehicles and cars with an out of reach windscreen. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Compatible with any smartphone Dimensions (standard): 65 x 65 x 153mm Dimensions (extended): 65 x 65 x 210mm Weight: 154 grams IN THE BOX MIXX Magnetic Long Arm Windshield Mount 2 metal plates

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